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Dimitrious Galvan's Honda Civic was traveling "at an extremely high rate of speed" and was "accompanied by another vehicle," before Galvan lost control, according to a news release from Des Moines police. Des Moines Police Sgt. Paul Parizek said investigators don't know whether the second driver, a year-old who has not been publicly identified, was accompanying Galvan's vehicle to get him to slow down, whether the two were street racing, or whether other circumstances were at play.


The other driver has been interviewed, police said. No charges had been filed as of 11 a. Cornelisz then split the population, despatching some to two nearby islands. His main concern was to remove the threat posed by the well-disciplined mercenaries. These he sent to a distant island now called West Wallabi , ostensibly to find water.

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His men ferried the 22 soldiers, under the command of a man called Wiebbe Hayes, the eight kilometres to the island, relieved them of their weapons and left them marooned. He began by ordering his men to slaughter the entire population of one of the nearby islands. Over the next few weeks, the killing continued on Beacon Island itself. The strongest were killed at night, their throats cut.

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Others were taken out on rafts and drowned. The sick and lame were also targeted. Then people were murdered at random, with many forced to kill other survivors to save their own lives. In mid-July, Cornelisz ordered the massacre of those on the other nearby island, but several escaped to West Wallabi on makeshift rafts. Forewarned, Hayes then used coral blocks and flotsam to fortify the island and make primitive weapons. Fortunately for them, and unknown to Cornelisz, Hayes and his men had found not only water on the island but small wallabies, which they were able to kill and eat.

Cornelisz recognised that Hayes and his men were a real threat as they could warn any rescue ship.

Horrible Car Wreck

So in early August, he made two attempts to storm West Wallabi. He was repelled on both occasions.


On the third attempt, Cornelisz was captured and his three lieutenants killed. Wouter Looes now took command of the mutineers and on 17 September attacked West Wallabi again. But with the defeat of the mercenaries imminent, a sail was sighted on the horizon. Pelsaert and Jacobsz had failed to find water or food on the mainland and so had made the long voyage to Batavia. The day journey was a remarkable feat of navigation, particularly as everyone aboard survived. The first to get there would be able to state their version of events. The fate of the remaining survivors, and those on board the Sardam , depended on the outcome of a rowing race.

The mutineers quickly surrendered. Pelsaert built a jail and tortured the mutineers until they all confessed. The only mutineers to escape execution were Looes and a cabin boy called Pelgrom, whom Pelsaert decided to maroon on the Australian mainland. Their fate is unknown. Of the or so people who left the Netherlands on the Batavia , only a third would arrive in the East Indies.

She later married an army officer and returned to Amsterdam where she lived to the age of Pelsaert died of disease in September , his reputation tarnished by the events off western Australia. Much of the ship was salvaged and is on display at the Western Australian Maritime Museum in Fremantle.

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The events on the Abrolhos soon became well-known, at least among the Dutch. It certainly confirmed in the minds of Dutch mariners that the coast of New Holland was utterly unforgiving and should be avoided at all costs. It is also noteworthy that Looes and Pelgrom, along with other 17th- and 18th-century shipwreck survivors were, in a sense, the first Europeans to settle in Australia, however unofficial, sporadic and short-lived their presence might have been.

Batavia's history, Western Australian Museum. Houtman Abrolhos islands, Google Earth. Jeff Sparrow, 'Bring up the bodies', The Monthly. And they think at least one can be linked to the Vasa, the iconic Swedish ship that sank on its maiden voyage. The divers took wood samples of the ships which will be sent to a laboratory for dating.

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As the wrecks are better preserved in the sea, there are currently no plans to salvage them. Get notified about breaking news on The Local. Become a Member or sign-in to leave a comment. Essential Swedish tech jargon all programmers in Sweden should know. How to negotiate a personalized expat health insurance plan. More news What we know about Sweden's potential language tests for new citizens.

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