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S am Holt stripped off his jacket and laid it over the railing of the ferry. He stood at the helm, watching the rocky cliffs of Seal Island come into view.

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  • A beat-up pair of aviator glasses shaded his eyes from the reflection of the midmorning sun. The ancient motor hummed, cutting a slow path over the surface of the ocean. Not that that had ever stopped him before. Toggle navigation. ADS 9. But just when he's starting to look at her as more than a friend, a mysterious woman arrives on Seal Island and captures his heart. As Caitlin discovers the truth behind the woman's lies, she realizes Liam is trapped in a dangerous enchantment and the only way to break the spell is to uncover a secret Irish fairy tale that has remained hidden for hundreds of years.

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    But when the petals of a white rose grown in winter start to fall, the legend is set in motion. And Caitlin must find a way to change the ending before the last petal falls. Sophie Moss continues in this second installment of the Selkie Legend to keep us entertained and unable to put the book down. Sophie does a wonderful job of making you believe in legends, the magic of Ireland, of good over coming evil, and most of all believing in love. This second book held me captivated even more than the first book did.

    That it does. Thank you for the imaginary vacation to Seal Island. It was beautiful. This mystical romance starts slowly, but charms you with the misty island and the tight-knit community that believes Tara is the descendant of a selkie — a legendary creature who lives as a seal but transforms to a human on land. While I am usually immediately drawn into stories of old legends and fairy tales set in modern day, I did have trouble connecting with the main character at first. Eventually this connection did develop as Tara made her own connections with the islanders and more about her past was disclosed.

    Some experiences, for example her tumultuous relationship with her husband, were portrayed in a rather cold manner but the more fantastical elements really brought the magic of the selkie, and the story, to life. Positively, I could not stop reading without wondering what happens next.

    As the tale ended I found myself smiling in satisfaction and fondly picturing the shores of Seal Island. Sophie Moss should be proud of her first book and I look forward to seeing her storytelling develop further in the last two books of the Seal Island Trilogy. You can find both books on Amazon. The story was not over-done and did not stray away from the tale being told. My favorite part of the book was being introduced to the characters who all have their own story.

    Even before I got halfway done I knew that there would be more books that would tell those stories. I did not know this book was part one of a trilogy when I started reading Sophie kept the characters involved without giving away each of their stories all in one book.

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    Being of Irish descent I really enjoyed the legend and the picture that was so easily painted in my mind of such a beautiful country. Everything balanced out; not concentrating on just the love scenes, the legend or each character. The Selkie Spell was beautifully written and I look forward to book two in this trilogy. This review may contain spoilers.

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    Reading this book has left me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I liked the ideas behind it. I also liked the fact that Dominic didn't trust Tara at first. But I do think there were a lot of time jumps. Their forming relationship was just skipped over and even when it said two weeks and then two months had passed, it only felt like a couple of days.

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    This book was also very similar to one by Nora Roberts. When I was reading it, it did feel like I was This review may contain spoilers. When I was reading it, it did feel like I was reading about those two characters in some ways. The woman escaping an abusive husband who doesn't believe she's dead, even though she's been declared as such and coming to a mysterious island with a magical legend surrounding it Once I was able to ignore those similarities, I did enjoy the book.

    It just took a while. Glenna and Caitlin were interesting characters and I'll be interested in reading their books. I just hope that it doesn't follow the same pattern. And I liked Kelsey, too, who acted quite realistically as a child. Have you ever read a passage in a book that was so vivid it immediately became real to you? I could feel the rocking of the ferry, the mist on my face and see the picturesque village and harbor as they came into view. I could also sense the fear chasing me there Behold the magic I guarantee you will fall in love, despise and scream at the evil and above all cheer for the magic!

    Sophie's writing has a magical lyrical quality that pulls you along in her song. Well done I believe. Thank you Sophie! The Selkie Spell is one of those rare books that manages to be so many things; it's charming and thrilling with so many elements thrown together in such a way as to make perfection. The book is perfectly tensioned right the way through and there was never a moment where it felt right to put it down so I stayed up till midnight reading so I could hear the end. The characters created are bright and vibrant, seeming to jump off the page and the relationships are believable and accurate.

    There is so The Selkie Spell is one of those rare books that manages to be so many things; it's charming and thrilling with so many elements thrown together in such a way as to make perfection. There is so much more I'd like to put here but I don't want to litter my review with spoilers for those who haven't read the book yet. Suffice to say that it is well worth the money and you will not be disappointed, a wonderful tale that will leave you desperate for more from this up and coming writer. I loved this book. Based on the selkie legend of Ireland, it's full of magic.

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    The author obviously spent time in Ireland because the setting and references are completely authentic. The characters are charming, funny, intelligent and there's plenty of romance with lots of sexual tension. The pace is fast so get ready to read it in one sitting and then you'll be wanting the next book from this promising, talented young author. I won the contest on this author's blog and received the book free. I liked Sophie's blog and figured it would be a good book, but I wasn't sure about the whole "Selkie" thing.

    I was very pleasantly surprised. The book was enchanting, filled with romance, murder, and tension, mixed with just enough Irish magic to make it fun to read.

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    • I love a good selkie story and this one was really wonderful. The Aran Islands was the perfect setting for this enchanting story. If you love Irish folklore or even fairy tales, give this book a go and you will not be disappointed. I will be waiting for the next in the trilogy with great anticipation. This was a lovely story with a nice dose of magic. The setting is rich and inviting.