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The Complete McAuslan.

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George MacDonald Fraser. George MacDonald Fraser's hilarious stories of the most disastrous soldier in the British Army are collected together for the first time in one volume.

Private McAuslan, J. The battalion surgeon's daughter, Ellen Ramsey, has come out to the desert to join her father for a visit.

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Drop dead gorgeous and with a winning personality, she promptly becomes the object of a battle for her affections between two of Dand's fellow officers: Lieutenant MacKenzie, a tall, redheaded charmer of women; and Lieutenant Grant, who not only has a privately owned vehicle, but a Hudson Terraplane at that. But there is a third competitor in the lists: Private McAuslan.

The Complete McAuslan by George MacDonald Fraser

Fly Men. The battalion is facing a serious crisis.

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One of the soldiers reports to hospital and is diagnosed with smallpox. It being a weekend night, most of the Jocks are out on passes for a good time in the North African town, scattered from hell to breakfast. The Colonel orders that all of the men be corraled and brought back to the garrison to be re-vaccinated.

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A detachment under Dand MacNeill is sent into the town to oversee the gathering-up of the troops. After a few hours, all are accounted for except two -- but one of the two not only was in direct contact with the Index Case now in hospital, but is suspected of planning to desert along with his buddy.

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The Colonel knows of a hotel in the Suk, the bazaar in the native quarter, where it is said a deserter looking to make a "home run" back to England may be able to arrange a passage; and he sends Dand into the off-limits Suk to bring them back, lest an epidemic of smallpox break out and sweep the town like a tidal wave. McAuslan in the Rough.

The regiment is back home in Scotland, and stationed on the east coast. The local golf course extends courtesy memberships to the battalion's golfers. Following a match in which one of the battalion's majors plays a tight match with a professional golfer serving with the battalion, their new colonel, eager to enhance the prestige of the outfit, challenges the colonel of the Royal Scots stationed nearby, to put up his best against the best golfers of the battalion. The colonel, however, is unaware that the standard of golf in his battalion is not as high as the match he watched led him to believe.

Dand MacNeill, as Battalion Sports Officer and a decent golfer himself, puts together the battalion's half of the foursomes for the match: the Adjutant, a golfing neurotic, and the golf pro who is the officers' barman; two elderly majors who have been feuding with each other for twenty years; the Medical Officer, whose best club is his brandy flask, and the Padre, who plays in a state of reverie; Subaltern MacMillan, who has the annoying habit of giggling, especially after a bad shot, and Regimental Quartermaster Bogle, who might be a decent golfer could he but see the ball past his beer belly; and Regimental Sergeant Major Mackintosh, a steady golfer, partnered with Dand himself.

The Complete McAuslan

Soldiers from MacNeill's platoon are recruited to serve as caddies It will indeed be an interesting match. After the war, he became a sports reporter with the Carlisle Journal; and during this time, he met and married Kathleen Hetherington, a reporter from another paper. He worked as a reporter and sub-editor on the Cumberland News and then moved to Glasgow, in , where he worked at the Glasgow Herald as a features editor and deputy editor. Fraser's first novel was "Flashman" , which was followed by nine sequels, so far, that deal with different venues of the 19th century ranging from Russia, Borneo and China to the Great Plains of the America West.

Some of his non-fiction work includes "The Steel Bonnets" , which is a factual study of the Anglo-Scottish border thieves in the seventeenth century, and "Quartered Safe Out Here" Fraser has also written a number of screenplays that include "The Three Musketeers" , "Royal Flash" , "Octopussy" , and "Return of the Musketeers" He died of cancer on January 2,