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We knew there should be more out there for women: more resources, more encouragement, and more new ideas.

Going Through Menopause At 21 Led Polly Rodriguez To Create Unbound, A Sexual Wellness Company

We thought that it could be fun, not overly saccharine, and come with plenty of honest content. Still, Unbound may not be for absolutely everyone what fun would that be anyway?

Do they even know? Luckily, I grew up in a family where the correct terminology for anatomy was used and sex was considered something natural and certainly not shameful. For any of us who have to make a compelling argument that there is money and a future in a seemingly unstable field: you might want to time that declaration with a major moment of cultural and fiscal recognition. What else have I learned?

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Even the slightest mention of starting a company that seeks to champion sexual product discovery gets eyes lighting up, admissions unfolding, and barriers lifted. When we feel safe and included, we share, we learn, and we expand our depth. We probably — no, definitely — have better sex, too. Become a member.

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