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James J. Winchester - - Journal of the History of Philosophy 38 4 After Montinari: On Nietzsche Philology. A Defense of Deleuze's Interpretation of Nietzsche. Professor Leiter: I noticed that in your draft you did not address the notion of the eternal recurrence.

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Should I assume that you view it in the same way as you view the will to power, i. Jussi, the issue you raise is also one I take up in my book, but it's packed at the moment, so I can't give you the pages. But it's in the section discussing his metaethical views. Mike Z: I take the doctrine of eternal return to be an ethical doctrine, and so part of the "creating values" project which, as I note, has only a tangential connection to naturalism.

I do not consider the doctrine of eternal return to be a metaphysical doctrine like the versions of will to power I describe as 'crackpot. Dear Brian, sorry this an anonynmous comment, I don't plan to get a blogger account anytime soon - I'm just a philosophy student from London.

I'm slightly worried about that list in your opening paragraph for the Oxford book in so far as it includes Deleuze. Deleuze, if not a 'naturalist' in the normal sense of the word, was indeed a thorough-going 'materialist' his word who saw Nietzsche's engagement and fidelity to science as being of great merit. His interpretation of certain parts of Nietzsche are indeed rather quirky especially the eternal return! Hi Professor Leiter I had some comments on your views on a metaphysical interpretation of the will to power but they got too long, so I turned them into a blog post.

In it I conclude that I think a strong case can be made that a metaphysical interpretation of the Will to Power is consistent with the methodological naturalism of Nietzsche, was tentatively endorsed by him and is of contemporary relevance. I have been doing work that supports your interpretation of Nietzsche. I am glad I found your blog. Since you moderate postings, I thought you might notice this addition even though the conversation subsided long ago. In fact, it provides an example of how a gifted speculative naturalist can see beyond the science of his day.

It is easily understood in a physical manner in terms of the scientific concept of self-organization, which outlines the transformative processes that enable natural systems to develop over time in a manner consistent with the second law of thermodynamics.

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I outline an argument in the paper to the effect that—a the existence of natural systems and b the second law of thermodynamics c implies the existence of the will to power or self-organization. I presented it at a spring APA in and published it but have not received any feedback. From the time I defended the argument in my dissertation Being and Entropy FSU until now, no one has been able to identify a problem with it. I trace parallels between these aspects of his thought and developments in economics, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, evolutionary biology, cosmology, and the philosophy of science.

Nietzsche on Idealism, Natural Law, and Science - Philosophy Core Concepts

Among other things, this paper provides a new way to look at GM, II, 12 that enables the passage to be interpreted as evidence for your interpretation of Nietzsche. Post a Comment. Thinking out loud about Nietzsche's philosophy. Wednesday, July 23, "Nietzsche's Naturalism Reconsidered".

The Journal of Nietzsche Studies

A draft of this paper is here. This is slated for the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Nietzsche, which will be edited by Gemes and Richardson. Comments would be most welcome. Here is the abstract: According to one recent scholar, "Most commentators on Nietzsche would agree that he is in a broad sense a naturalist in his mature philosophy" Janaway Posted by Brian Leiter at AM.

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