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Big data, innovative real estate databases, and augmented reality. Herausforderungen beim Management direkter Immobilienanlagen. Immobilienmanagement im Ausland. Trends und Herausforderungen beim Management indirekter Immobilienanlagen. Introduction to Real Estate Investments and Valuation. Gestione finanziaria delle operazioni immobiliari, Milano, Italy. Investments and Taxation in Real Estate. Real Estate Economics, Aschaffenburg.

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International Real Estate Markets. Megatrends in Real Estate. Due Diligence und Rating bei Fondkonstruktionen. Due Diligence und Rating bei Immobilienfinanzierungen. Real Estate Portfolio Management. Immobilieninvestments und Management. Real Estate Private Equity. Real Estate Corporate Finance.

Session Chair for the PhD-Programm. Behavioral Finance: Investments in Hotels. Conference Chair: Valuation and Finance of Real Estate-Intensive Global Business Conference, Sibenik. Session Chair: Economics. International Business and Economics Conference, Kufstein. Aktuelle Herausforderungen bei Immobilieninvestitionen und -finanzierungen. Global Real Estate and Facility Management overview and trends. Summer School New York Commercial Real Estate Properties. Immobilien-Dialog, Kufstein. Quality management for golf resorts and incentive structures for managers. Construction and Building Technology, Milano, Italy.

Incentive and remuneration structures for Real Estate Asset Managers. Session Chair: Finance in financial crisis. Influence of transparency and market valuation: A theoretical and empirical analysis for publicly traded real estate companies. Institutional Investments in Real Estate. Diversification effects for Institutional Investors by investing in Real Estate.

Immobilien-Symposium bis Immobilien-Symposium bis , Regensburg. Politecnico di Milano. Hochschule Luzern. Mitwirkungskommission der Hochschule Luzern - Wirtschaft. Stipendium der gif e. Besonderer Einsatz im Rahmen der Kooperation. Riga Technical University.

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Distinguished Fellow. Biography Prof. Standards Nachhaltiges Bauen Schweiz. Service projects.

Research projects. Publications and presentations. Spionage im Wandel der Zeit. Insides, Salzburg. Real Estate Valuation. Real Estate Finance.

Publications and presentations - Article, review; peer reviewed. Publications and presentations - Article, review; not peer reviewed.

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Publications and presentations - Other publication formats. Sounding Board Technik und Architektur. Integrale Raumentwicklung. Mitwirkungsrat der Hochschule Luzern. Fachkonferenz "Real Estate Asset Management". Kufsteiner Immobiliendialog. Achievements - Commissions, memberships and external activities. Achievements - Awards and honours.

For now, the focus is really on Ashdown and all that it has to offer. Furthermore, current management has demonstrated that they want to build this company into a real, viable, and profitable mining entity. I believe that is the appropriate course of action to implement here and now.

The silence is deafening! Back in or thereabouts Jay Taylor named this company as his mining project of the year and that recommendation generated a good deal of shareholder interest. His recommendation got my wheels turning and so I began reading up on the project and talking with the folks in charge back then when the focus was on Mineral Ridge.

We all made them.

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For whatever reason, the information that investors were receiving was not accurate. Was the misinformation due to a lack of technical expertise? Was it a deliberate attempt to lead people astray? Was there too much ego and not enough commonsense.

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Was it simply incompetence? I will say in their defense that six or seven years ago, the resource market had not turned around and it was a struggle to get funded. And yet millions of dollars were raised and spent and tens of millions of shares were created. I think that people bought into that scenario believing that if that much money could be raised, something good must be happening somewhere within the confines of this company. However, the company and its projects went no where. I recall several very large shareholders that were repeatedly contacted with the request for more money.

It eventually became apparent that trusts had been betrayed. An analyst is only as good as the information he receives. There were layers of people and information circling this story. It felt like things were upside down. Shareholders became disgruntled and fed up. They had heard one too many promises and had seen a small fortune disappear with very little to show for it.

Their investments were in dire straights and there was the possibility of a total collapse, a complete implosion of the company. Normally, the story would have ended there—but the really interesting part of this saga is that it did not. People chose to get into the fray in order to save the company and their investments. People recognized the value of Ashdown and realized it could be the salvation of the company if there was a drastic change in the corporate culture. It was a battle royale and the battle lines were drawn. There were some very committed individuals who stepped up and saved the day—I know from talking with them that they thought that they should have been committed!

Most importantly the battle was won with brains and not brawn. If it had been the other way around, I would not be talking with you today. When the going gets tough, the tough get smart. These guys, wearing the white hats, went to bat for the investors and for themselves. A few of the directors who helped to win the day had a lot to lose and not that much to gain. Yes, I was witness to almost all of it on a daily basis when events were churning at a very intense level.

It was a daily grind that continued for months. It was brain to brain combat. One of the first tasks was to create shareholder trust; even before shareholder value—good move guys. I know he has a passion for this particular project because he believes it is historic; historic because he personally believes it is the richest deposit of Moly he has ever heard about and he wants to be a part of mining it.