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She shares with us some of her beautiful creations, taking us behind a veil of tears. Here she opens up about her own fear of death and the personal experiences that inspired this creation. You can support a campaign to get a copy of your very own too. Dr Kami Fletcher brings the important death work nineteenth century women in the Western world to the foreground.

Just as the Fox sisters spoke through the dead to break out the private sphere to the public realm, women developed expert knowledge and performed high pressure death work. A neglected part of history, a history that would rather confine women to stone statues in cemeteries. It turns up in health class and sometimes in history books, but the scope of the AIDS epidemic is far off and fuzzy.

Sam Wall takes a close look at the government failings and acts of courage. Unless you read accounts by survivors or queer scholars, the full impact of the crisis is lost. The reason for this is that the textbook accounts share the total number of dead, but they fail to capture how and why the virus was able to decimate the queer community in the way it did. This work of short fiction by Claire L.

Smith centres on the death of a victim of domestic abuse. Her trauma so embedded, she mindlessly continues her everyday life as she dies. Please note that although this post does not contain graphic descriptions of violence, it does contain graphic descriptions of injury. Read more Breakfast, Then Death. Juliette is bring death positivity to France.

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Her YouTube channel, Le Bizarreum explores death through historical and archaeological cases. Read more Le Bizarreum. Not only does Caroline Lloyd refers to Death and the Maiden as glamorous and cool thank you Caroline! Experiences that became the motivation behind her new book: Grief Demystified. The book she wrote that she so desperately wanted when she had disenfranchised grief and had no idea that that was even a thing. Read more The Grief Geek.

Read more Lest We Forget.

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Whether Krista Amira Calvo was so swept up in the panic or if her mind has forcibly forgotten it she cannot tell, but a childhood memory was brought back to her the first time she watched Over the Garden Wall, the Cartoon Network miniseries whose death positive themes made her heart swell with exultation. Sam Wall is here to take us on a journey through morbid musical landscape to see how murder ballads of different eras have dealt with domestic violence. Robyn Lacy entered the field of Archaeology with vague ideas of how she wanted to proceed. Every one of which got tossed out the window after a trip to Ireland, surveying rural Catholic and Anglican cemeteries and churchyards.

Robyn hasn't swayed from burial-related study since. In high school, when we had off campus privileges starting in our freshman year, she explained to my year-old self about the serial killer who was good looking, and charming, and…. Carrying upwards of , migrants toward the border a year. They ride atop these high-speed snaking monstrosities, risking life and limb on a journey that will hopefully end in America — yet, often ends in death.

Romany Reagan has been walking in Abney Park Cemetery for a total of nine years, often alone. As a walking practitioner dedicated to encouraging new perspectives within cemetery space, a recent personal revelation called for self reflection and a much wider contemplation. This summer marked 48 years since the brutal murder of Sharon Tate and her unborn son.

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  • Get e-book Inner Legacy: A journey through the mystery of death.
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After discovering crime scene photographs framed at Hollywood's Museum of Death; Tia Price reflects on the lasting legacy of this valley doll, icon and mother. Lucy Coleman Talbot interviews director Carol Salter about her new film. Read more Almost Heaven. Wise Owl is an evocative song, well arranged and placed within a delicate but solidly crafted recording.

The clarinet, cello and vocal soar around each other throughout…. Allison Carvalho has many questions. Questions like: Were you drunk when you did it? Did your mental illness amplify your alcoholism or was it the other way around? Where did you think you would go? Where DID you go? Read more To My Father. Following her father's suicide, Charlotte Underwood attempted to take her own life.

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From the depths of grief, depression and anxiety emerged a desire to challenge mental health stigma and raise awareness. Read more After Suicide. The Luminary was created by Mavis Frempong. I have chosen this site because it is a beautiful, serene environment that harmonises with….

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Read more The Luminary. Bri Barton honors and celebrates soil biology and decomposition, funeral rites from around the world, the legacies of anti-oppression leaders and the complexities of grief and loss. Read more Everything Dies! So what does it say about a culture when the height of beauty is to be slowly dying of a horrific illness?

It is no secret that Donald Trump has used death as a scare tactic throughout his campaign, and has continued to do so during his first month in office. Why does this tactic work so well? Because people are afraid of death. Introducing us…. This in itself is…. Aside from the most blatant messaging which explicitly likens abortion to murder, they also invoke death-phobia in the way they legislate abortion. The subject of women and death continued to make frequent headlines this year, as well as issues concerning gender, identity and death, reproductive rights and an examination of our complex and ever-changing relationship to our own mortality.

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Read more Best of Some of us will be sitting back with a smug sense of achievement, whilst others pretending they have plenty of time. Here at Death and the Maiden we have complied our annual list of wondrous deathly fem gifts. There should be plenty of inspiration for your last minute dash and…. Appearing in 2 Samuel, first as a sexual commodity and later, as a fierce advocate for the dignity of her sons. Rizpah is the foremother of shmirah, the Jewish custom of guarding the dead between time of death and time of…. Still in…. Who is more likely to access a good death?

Who is more likely to face a bad death? While tragic accidents tend to be great equalizers, we cannot make whole a death positive movement without addressing how privilege grants likelier access to a good death, and how oppression can position someone more likely to face…. The festival explores why we often find it difficult to talk about death in our society, and how art and artists…. Ivan Cenzi brings a strange story of suicide to Death and the Maiden this week. One beginning with sorrow and ending in spectacle.

What evolves from his casting and preservation work is unexpected. Read more The Punished Suicide. We live in a culture that rejects scent the same way that it denies the reality of death. Nuri McBride is here to explain that perfume is olfactive art, like visual arts and music it has the power to move, soothe and inspire people.

The journey from here Douglass found himself on was unexpected to say the very least. One of change, discovery and realization. It is easy to be enchanted by Regina Marie Cohn.

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In the Borderland, the alien presence can be felt everywhere. Away from the fixed and familiar, into a state of transition. One of suffering, creativity and truth. Grief is a poison bullet. Only with….