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New York: New York Zoetrope, September 7, Jan 25, Colette rated it did not like it Shelves: mystery. I hated this book.

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It took me half the book to figure out why: the author explains every little detail. If the main character Bailey does something, then she explains why. She tosses in a few big words every now and then to remind the reader that the character has an ivy league education and was an English major.

However, the words just seemed out of place in the storyline. View 1 comment. Oct 13, Angela Mitchell rated it liked it. I read this series to date in the month of August.

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Very light reading, summer fare. I enjoyed the main character quite a bit. Fairly suspensful plots, but the endings of all but one of these don't remember which were terrible! The author was totally reaching when selecting the villains.

However, for some reason I stuck it out through the entire series, but I don't think I'd admit it to any of my English Lit profs. Dec 28, Gwylenn rated it it was amazing. I finished this book in 2 days mostly at work. Every time a detail started bugging me, the main character would point it out and explain it better. This is the best murder mystery I have read in a long time and plan on getting the next one from the library tomorrow!

This was a fun and interesting read. I will absolutely continue reading the rest of the books in the series! If Looks Could Kill is a mystery book!. Lately I've been feeling an urge to read mystery-thriller books and this was just what i needed to feed it rightly. The mystery was compelling enough to keep me wondering and reading. Now, throw into that mystery a Sex and the City vibe and you're good to go!

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I really love sex and the city, the TV show at least, I have not read the book I didn't know there was a book until a few days ago and I have no intention of reading it, since many reviewers agree that it Sucks. But the TV show is really good and that's exactly the feeling i got from here. I'm not really into the so called Chick-lit, in fact, i tried reading once one of those books and it was just so much for me, with the description of the clothes they were wearing and all the romance drama.

I just couldn't stand it. But with this book I didn't have a problem, I think those details complimented the story really well. Perhaps this will not be the kind of mystery book a guy would like, but it definitely will be interesting for those of us who like mystery books and sex and the city. Now, mixed with all of this, put a strong female protagonist and you can't complain. Bailey is a great character, she has some flaws but who doesn't?! Nov 30, Denise rated it liked it Shelves: crime , mystery.

This series is full of suspense and mystery, with a soupcon of wit. It takes place in the fast paced world of magazines. She contributes true crime articles to the publication. Her sometimes friend, Cat, is the editor of Gloss, and she is in trouble. Cat is the object of an attempted murder spree, and she turns to Bailey to find her would-be killer.

I gave this book three stars however, if I could, I would give it three and half. I enjoyed the plot and liked the main character. However, I found most of the supporting characters almost exactly alike, which made it hard for me to follow who did what to whom. This book is an entertaining and fast read Although it is a novel, it has the feel of short novel and a cozy mystery. I will try the next Bailey Weggins book before I make a decision to quit the series.

If Looks Could Kill

Jun 04, Nancy rated it liked it. I liked it except, why is it that the "sullen civil servants who move at the speed of drying paint" have to be fat? Are there no skinny people with bad work ethics? Are all civil servants lazy and fat? Why is it bad to use stereotypes about race or color or gender but not about weight? WHy is it okay to denegrate overweight people? Can you tell from this that I am overweight? I would be just as offended if the comment was about a person of color and I am white. Mar 13, Missy rated it liked it. It's hard to believe this book was ever published.

The first pages were gaggy froufrou. I invented "gaggy" for this use.

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Coffee, clothes, food, shower- Coffee, clothes, food, shower- Coffee, clothes, food, shower. Then it finally developed into a story for the last half. I'm not saying I liked it. It's just that it was such a big improvement over the first half. Aug 30, Avery Aster rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery. Growing up reading Miss Marple I have a natural love for all things amateur sleuth. If Looks Could Kill is a great start to a mystery series featuring a likable heroine, Bailey Weggins.

I enjoyed the feel of NYC, the work drama, and of course the murderous plot. However, the plot was a 5 to me, so I rounded up to 4. Perhaps the characters will be better developed in subsequent books. Jul 13, L. Fidler rated it liked it Shelves: predictable-villain , books-i-can-read-in-underhours , secret-shame , one-plotline-too-many , poison-but-not-the-band , devil-wears-prada-esque.

Jul 28, Brown rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in Grabbing coffee and a cab outside her Greenwich Village apartment-the consolation prize in her divorce settlement-Bailey reluctantly h Meet Bailey Weggins, the thirty-something, single-again true crime writer for a leading Manhattan woman's magazine. Book one of the 8 volume Bailey Weggins Mystery series was written in The plot is now somewhat dated. The internet is not really mentioned much. White does provide a complete insider's view of magazine publishing at that time. Bailey is a free lance true crime writer, working mostly for Cat, the editor in chief of one of the biggest women's magazines --a thinly disguised version of Cosmopolitan.

Cat is not a likeable character, she along with many of the workers at Gloss, the ma Book one of the 8 volume Bailey Weggins Mystery series was written in Cat is not a likeable character, she along with many of the workers at Gloss, the magazine, appear to be more adversaries than colleagues.

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The mystery walks hand in hand with a treatment of the uses and abuses of power among the high flyers in Manhattan. Bailey is pressured, not asked, to investigate the death of Cat's nanny. Heidi was poisoned, but were the chocolates meant for Cat? Cat is totally befuddled, believing the police will not be much help. Bailey agrees to do some investigation, her observations of the life styles, clothing, and furnishings of the suspects help her look towards underlying motivations.

In the course of the novel she discovers perfect marriages are often not, people who look trustworthy should be given a second glance, and control is not always the problem solver or the problem. Recommended as a good summer read.

If looks could kill

Dec 08, Kristen rated it liked it Shelves: , serial-mystery. In Kate White's If Looks Could Kill, the first installment in the Bailey Weggins mystery series, she told us a compelling and intriguing mystery about what lies beneath the surface. When Bailey Weggins, a true crime writer for a magazine, receives a call from her fellow friend and co-worker Cat, about her nanny Heidi being unconscious in her bedroom, Bailey helps her find out and discovers that Heidi had died.

Later on, they talk to the police about the discovery and learn she was poisoned by tr In Kate White's If Looks Could Kill, the first installment in the Bailey Weggins mystery series, she told us a compelling and intriguing mystery about what lies beneath the surface.