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During the last years, beginning in A. The Crusades in the 10th and 11th centuries constituted the lone Christian counterattack against this Muslim aggressions which did not end until almost the beginning of the 18th century. Those three invasions are significant because prophecies in the Book of Daniel warn that the world is to be destroyed by what he calls a "fourth Persian empire" at the end of time Dn. In fact, the rise and treacherous activities of that empire, its attack on the Christian religion and its ultimate destruction at the hand of God is the central subject of his entire book.

In keeping with prophecies swirling around the Christian community at the time of Nero, the Parthian designation seemed most applicable to the white horse because the scholars continued to see only terror in the four horsemen. The most frightening thought to the early Christian community, fueled by rumors in first-century Rome, was the return of Nero, newly reborn and more powerfully capable than ever to topple Christ and His Church.

The Parthians were excellent archers, and since those bows and arrows easily translate today into missles and rocket launching platforms, the threat has not dissipated with the appearance of modern technology. Thus the image and its threat remains. The Parthians must be considered when contemplating the four horsemen of John's Apocalypse. Especially since the Book of Chronicles specifies that the Diaspora to Babylon cannot end until the Prince of Persia comes to power 2 Chron In this sense, their appearance would seem to constitute the fourth horseman, i.

This, because it is their destiny according to Daniel, to bring the earth to a flaming end. Almost certainly we are seeing the seeds of the barbarous fourth kingdom of Persia promised by Daniel, growing now out of the caves inhabited by Osama bin Laden and his followers. Too many other signs have coalesced over the last 50 years not to suspect that our world has now been captured in the "tractor beam" of God, and He is pulling us to the End defined.

If that is the case, the Parthian threat is at hand.

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The kings of the East are taking their places now along the banks of the Euphrates. While modern scholars see the four horsemen as four terrifying wings that structure the Apocalypse, some early Christian scholars argued that the white horse represented God and its rider the Church of Jesus Christ. The question, then, is whether or not these visions apply to the very End at the time of Christ's Return or have a broader, longer meaning. Some see these horsemen ranging the earth throughout the entire Christian era. It is these who tend to see the white horse as either Jesus or the Church i.

The title "man in white" is often applied to the Pope see the 3rd prophecy of Fatima. Since these horsemen represent angels, the man in white should, in this case, probably be seen as the "Angel of the Covenant" see Zech. To the others I heard him say, 'Follow him through the city, and strike Begin at my sanctuary. The "others" who follow the man in white are the "destroying angels" first seen at the time of Moses when they crossed Egypt killing all the first-born there, but passing over the Israelite houses marked with the blood of the paschal lamb.

In Ezekiel's passage there were six of these destroying angels, all called to bring destruction to those who refused the mark of the man in white:. Immediately six men advanced from the upper north gate, each holding a deadly weapon. There can be little doubt that John's passages about the four horsemen is drawn from Ezekiel's vision by the design of the Holy Spirit. John shows them called into service by the "four animals" at the altar of God, figures most people see as representing the four Gospels of Christ.

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There is no question that God calls them and sends them to earth. While it is hard for most Christians to see God bringing such destruction down on the world, Jesus told us that He had come to bring strife to the earth:. For I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.

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A man's enemies will be those of his own household. The sword Jesus wields here is little different than the bow carried by the figure on the white horse, the first of the four horses of the Apocalypse. The sword cuts apart dividing one side from the other, both killing and saving. The bow stands for victory in warfare. It was a symbol of the seeming invincibility of the Parthian warriors who wiped out an entire Roman army and were never conquered by Rome.

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As a warrior, Christ is invincible. No empire can defeat him. His ultimate victory is assured. I think it is important in Revelation's passages to remember the depth of the confrontation between the people of God and the people of this world who are so strongly opposed to Him. The polarity between these two was the reason so many Christians had to die in the Roman coliseums, and it accounts for the daily persecutions everyone must suffer, to this very day, as they try to follow the Gospel in a world deeply antagonistic to those teachings.

Even during the era where Satan was locked in the Abyss, the harshness of Christian persecution existed and touched every servant of God. Now, with Satan back on earth and mobilizing the people of Babylon against Christians, that persecution once more can be seen in open ridicule and hostility. Crosses and Bibles are forbidden as is the mention of God or Jesus in a growing number of places that only a few years ago showed little or no antagonism to these symbols or signs of faith.

Physical assaults on churches themselves, unheard of in the past, have become commonplace. It is because Satan has returned from his imprisonment that this and overt violence on the scale of world warfare, mass execution and genocide has suddenly swept over the world. The horses that follow the white rider bring not only this latest warfare, the global wars, plagues and famine of the last days, they also have accounted for the harshness of life on earth, well chronicled by historians and TV shows, that have dogged mankind since the time of Christ.

The Christian era has truly been a time of trouble as Daniel predicated. The Word of God comes as an escape from the death of the Wrath, but it does not represent an escape from the martyrdom or trial by fire that each Christian is called upon to undergo in defense of their faith. Jesus alluded to these trials when He said that "the kingdom of God is to be subjected to violence, and by violence are all getting in" Mt.

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Remember, the four horsemen came galloping out when Jesus broke the first four of the seven seals that have always hidden the truth of scripture from the people of the past. This means their hoofbeats represent an unveiling of the hidden truths of God. This mayhem is spiritual and it comes from God because the creation must be cleansed of Satan's contamination. God has forced us all to take sides in this warfare. Whether or not the Church is the white horse that brings God's judgment to the earth, the fact of Jesus has forced everyone to fight for the life of their own soul.

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It is a life or death struggle that no one can avoid. To ignore His message and Gospel is to die. For most there are no second chances. Man is constantly fighting wars against evil tyrants, they pop up with the frequency of ads on an internet screen, but no one wants to admit that God has a similar but far nobler purpose in mind.

One that is accomplished through the peace of the Church using the sword of God's Word.

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