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That one tear drop tells the story of her broken heart. It's the first tear drop she ever cried, The first time she ever got hurt. She gets lost in thought. Reoccuring events emerge in front of her face. She wonders where she went wrong. Was she not good or pretty enough? All the people she ever cared about, Just let her down by not always being there like they promised. She thought she was in love once, But, now she questions it. They say if you truly love someone, you never doubt your feelings.

She contemplates if she has ever felt true love. Every guy that ever talked to her, Only percieved her because of her physical features. They played with her emotions, just to see what they could get. They never took the time to look deep within her soul, And get to truly know her.

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Since she's been told false promises, It's hard for her to trust. She wants to believe in herself again. She wants to open herself up to someone. Not only emotionally but physically. She wants true love that that runs deep within her soul. When someone asks her, she'll say "It's so unbelievable to even put into words. A love that can work things out. A love that still seems so right when everything seems all wrong.

A love that will make her a better person. A love that makes someone just like her to believe in happiness. And Give love another chance.

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She wipes the tear from her eye. And looks back into the midnight sky. She knows someone else out there is looking up at the same moon. Wishing for the same things. She gets up and shuts the open window, And undraws the ruby red curtain. She leaves the rest up to God, To send her the person to mend her broken heart. He'll know when her heart's waiting is over.

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Last online United States. Inbox x. Now almost all of the 5 girls are natural. My younger sister, Amaka is also a beautiful natural and started her journey without doing the big chop and her hair is still growing! In what ways if any has going natural affected you? They both alter the phenotype appearance of our natural state. Target the women. Think about it, a Black woman does not buy the yaki because she likes that type of hair better. She does this simply because she wants what is on her head to do what she sees.

In mainstream media, magazines, etc. She masters it in fact, at times better that the original hair grower, lol.

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How would you describe your hair? C: My hair is coarse and beautiful. My hair type is towards the 4c side. What is your regimen? C: My regimen includes washing with Natural Roots Organic shampoo has no detergents. Then I condition with Nubian Heritage Coconut conditioner. I deep condition with Olive Oil Deep Conditioner and cover for about 10 minutes. I hydrate with shea butter , and coconut oil , black seed oil as well as almond oil. Then I style as I desire. C: Tight braids at the temple are not healthy for hair no matter how strong your hair is.

Constant pulling will result in damage and loss. C: Washing it with coconut conditioner using raw coconut oil , deep conditioning and braiding it.

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C: www. Anything else you want to add? C: Embracing your natural hair is a clear indication that a woman has recognized and is joyful to contribute to the many beautiful images of God that He created of Himself. When you get to a crossroad, you know some things may have to change to keep the flames of the relationship alive. It truly brings out the best in you. Starting from young girls, Black women are so heavily conditioned by mass deception through media with alternative motives that tell them the hair of other women is far more appealing.

This is only stipulated by the hoards of images portrayed by the owners of such media sources who just so happen to be of these ethnic groups. Imagine if Africans which includes ALL of the Diaspora owned the majority of media and were proud of afro styles, rocked them proudly and blasted all the magazine covers with them, all the new cosmetic adverts and billboards, movies with them, etc. And have this go on for decades, non-stop.

Well would you get young Asian and European girls rocking afros? Sociology tells us probably yes! However, I am not at the mercy of any marketing advertising director. I was fearfully and wonderfully made by The Creator with His own two hands and He could not have possibly made a mistake with the whole population of African women He created.

Twists, braids are only the beginning. We are all born standards.

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We were created standards. Master your own standard. Just another lover of natural hair and expression. With women like her wanting to make things better for women of color, I see a bright future ahead for all of us. Big ups to Anambra too. Igbo Kwenu! Kwenu Kwezo Nu! One of my favourite interviews ever!